Command Your Worth,
Elevate Your Income and Advance Your Career

Sis, you deserve a SIX-FIGURE SALARY and a role that you love!


You Deserve Six-Figures
and Beyond!

You're having trouble landing interviews for positions you really want

You're just settling for jobs that pay less money than you deserve and you feel undervalued

You lost confidence in your career

You're in a new position, yet you find yourself battling impostor syndrome

You're currently struggling to find companies that aligns with your values

You don't know how to effectively communicate skills and abilities to employers

You're not sure what your brand is

You feel stuck in your career and you have no work-life balance

Does this sound like you?

What if I told you that you can change your career and financial trajectory in 90 days?

Irene increased her salary by $50,000 and landed a fully remote six-figure role

This is totally possible for you too and we teach you how in the Fearless Branding Formula:

This is a 3-month group coaching and career teachings program for Women of Color, helping you to stop playing safe, become FEARLESS, and land 6-figure jobs you love.


The Fearless Branding Formula (FBF) is a personal branding and mindset program to help Women of Color land a six-figure promotion and increase your salary by $20,000 - $50,000

As a WOC in corporate, you can definitely do this in 90 days!

Inside FBF, you'll finally be able to:

Land six-figure remote roles

Increase your salary by $20,000 - $50,000

Secure $20,000+ raises

Get six-figure promotions (of course)

Quickly land six-figure interviews (even without applying)

Have renewed confidence to negotiate a bigger salary & bonuses

Enjoy Work-Life Balance

Ace interviews and secure high-level offers

What's possible when you join FBF

What's Included in this Program

3 months of career coaching by a career & branding Expert

3 months of career teaching specifically for women of color

Weekly group coaching

Supportive community of like-minded women

LinkedIn audit and a six-figure resume review

Interview preparation guide to quickly land a six-figure offer

Negotiation Workshop

Raise Proposal Template

30-Day Mindset & Journaling Challenge

4 Weeks of Office Hours

Extended 3-months of access to resources and career videos

Imagine in the
next 90 days, YOU:

Ace the Six Figure Interviews Without Anxiety

Master the art of interviews, securing high-level offers effortlessly

Ignite Your Career Confidence

No More Impostor Syndrome

Discover your true strengths and confidently showcase your authentic brand

Elevate Your Income with Ease

Increase your salary by $20,000 - $50,000, or confidently negotiating a six-figure raise

Enjoy Quality with your Family

And finally, reclaim moments with your loved ones

Gain control over your schedule, ensuring more quality time with your family.


The Fearless Branding Formula is for YOU 👸🏾 if you want to:

Increase your salary by $20,000 - $50,000

Land a new job where you feel valued

Have a six-figure salary and the flexibility to travel and enjoy life

Boost your confidence and take your career to next level

Get promoted and earn more than six-figures with less work

Have more time with your family and friends

Hey Sis, I'm LaTrice!

I was just like you, getting degrees, and signing up certifications only to get a small increase. I kept wondering, "What am I doing wrong, how come everyone else was making more money than me?"

I just couldn't figure it out … at that was the biggest problem. I was trying to figure it out by myself. 

That was until I looked up and noticed that no one else was doing it on their own, they were getting help.

That’s when I got a mentor, started networking, and building my personal brand. 


I went from being a struggling single mother to negotiating a $20,000 promotion for myself

I was getting promoted every year and doubling my income. I went from being an entry level Recruiter – running my own HR department in a leadership role.

That money was life changing for me and my kids.

Now I teach you exactly how to do the same in the Fearless Branding Formula.


"I make $30,000 more than what I've made before, in a hybrid position where I can work from home"

"So now, I'm a Director of HR, I make more money - I make $30,000 more than what I've made; but before I met Latrice, I'm working in a hybrid position where I was traveling 54 miles to and from work. I am now working in a hybrid position where I can work from home."

"LaTrice helped me build my brand, get this job and change me into the person I am now"

"If you don't have someone to believe in you unconditionally, LaTrice will be the first person; because she has so much love in her, so much hope, and just positivity and happiness - and she spreads it all around. Love talking with her!"

I believe that Women of Color
don’t have to work hard all their lives

WOC are the most underutilized part of the workforce.

WOC have unique challenges in the workplace that most coaches, consultants and trainings don’t address.

WOC should be valued in all areas and aspect of business and work. Sis, I see you.

You paid our dues, you worked hard, and now, you deserve to get paid your worth.

and this is why I created the FEARLESS BRANDING FORMULA for you.

These are all possible for you too

What makes FBF different?

FBF is different because:

We address the unique challenges of Women of Color face in the workforce

You don't need to figure it out by yourself anymore.

Join a supportive community of like-minded women who truly get you and let's guide you to that six-figure promotion together!

It's created by black woman who has been in your shoes, offering solutions to your problems you won't find through a simple Google search

"When you're ready, it's time to move forward with expert guidance from LaTrice"

"Girl, I was suffering and I was miserable. I had been saying for a while now that I gotta get out of here. I need help and then it became clear that I was kind of stuck. I just didn't know which way to turn, which way to go. Get some expert advise with someone who can bring me out of this madness, where I am and I need to move forward."

"Do you still want to pursue a title and a salary that just pays the bill, or choose the internal peace that you want in your life?"

"Because there's some jobs that don't accommodate a peaceful lifestyle that you really want in your heart, but you ended up pursuing. And I'm not saying to make anyone feel guilt or shame. It's like to help us like stop and get honest with ourselves."

The Fearless Branding Formula Framework

Inside FBF, we combine career strategy, mindset mastery, and a supportive community to amplify your success:

This is where we walk you through a process of self discovery.

We'll go deep on self-identity work and inner child work.

You'll experience visualization, journaling, mindset work, reframing negative thoughts, challenging long standing beliefs that no longer serve you, to identify blind spots in your thinking, and show where you’ve been playing small in your life and career so you'll become fearless


Discover Your Gifts 

Coaching Sessions and Mindset Work

In our coaching sessions, I'll help you create your own success formula.

Here, we'll map out your roadmap to attract six-figure opportunities, as well as do the mindset work to challenge long standing beliefs that are hold you back to get there.

We'll create powerful thoughts that will propel your career.


Attract Six-Figure Opportunities

Navigating the six-figure interview with confidence

Say goodbye to self-doubt sis, and learn how you can confidently nail those multiple (yes, we're claiming it!) six-figure job interviews.

You'll receive personalized guidance on how you can show up authentically, present your value and worth confidently and land those dream jobs with a company that you'll surely love to work with.


Ace the Six-Figure Interview 

You've gotten the six-figure offer/promotion!

Now, you can accept or negotiate; and we will walk you through the process of accepting or negotiating the offer.


Negotiate your Six-Figure offer

Sis, it's time to celebrate!

Going through Fearless Branding Formula Framework will help you get here too:

Discover how Fearless Branding Formula can help you achieve your career dreams:

Still wondering if FBF is for you?

Secure Your Six-Figure Remote Job

Land a position that not only meets but exceeds your financial aspirations, offering both fulfillment and flexibility

Earn That Six-Figure Promotion

Propel your career to new heights by mastering the art of promotions and securing the role you truly deserve.

Boost Your Salary by $20,000 - $50,000

Witness a substantial increase in your income, breaking through the glass ceiling of earning potential.

Thrive in a Positive Company Culture

Work for a company where positivity is not just a word but a daily reality, contributing to a nurturing and supportive work environment.

Elevate Your Career to the Next Level

FBF provides the roadmap to take your career to unprecedented heights, making your professional aspirations a reality.

Make a Difference and Have an Impact

Uncover the strategies to position yourself strategically, enabling you to create a significant impact both in your role and on a broader scale.

Embark on Entrepreneurship

Whether launching your own business or aligning your career with your passion, FBF equips you with the tools for entrepreneurial success.

Identify Roles for Greater Impact

Gain the insights and skills to identify roles that allow you to make a substantial impact on both your team and the organization.

Advance Your Career Strategically

Move beyond the ordinary; FBF is your guide to career advancement, helping you secure key strategic roles and prepare for leadership positions.

Climb the Corporate Ladder to C-Suite

Dreaming of reaching the C-Suite? FBF supports your journey, aiming for a VP of HR or even higher, with salaries starting at $165,000+.

Achieve HR Director Role with a $30,000 Increase

Tailored strategies for achieving specific milestones, such as attaining the HR Director role and securing a compensation increase of up to $30,000.

Continued Success, Value Addition, and Team Development

FBF fosters continuous success, enabling you to add value rapidly, develop your team, and cultivate enduring professional relationships.

I coached over 100 WOC, and I know exactly what you need to do and how you need to think to increase your salary and land a six-figure job you love.

"Every time I would doubt myself, I would hear Latrice's voice - now Bridgette, you can do this, don't give up!"

"But one thing that made the difference with you and your program - you didn't even start with the career; YOU STARTED WITH CONFIDENCE. You started with 'why are you here?' 'what made you call me?' and we started with that just on the initial 30 minute conversation before we even dug deeper, you wanted me to have a foundation. And you helped me build that foundation"

"We're always looking at how can we make sure everyone else is okay but we also need to make sure we are okay"

"What you provided for me Latrice is an opportunity to be poured into, especially for someone who pours out. We're always looking at how can we make sure everyone else is okay but I need to make sure I was okay."

This is a safe space for Women of Color - a space to take your mask off, and be your true self


Join now and grab these BONUSES!

3 Expert Guest Speaking on Self-Love, Happiness, and the Finance Workshop

How to Overcome a Toxic Work Environment as a Woman of Color Workshop

How to Keep Your Promotion and Be Fireproof training

21-Day Career Confidence Challenge

(valued at $3,000)

(valued at $2,000)

(valued at $1,000)

(valued at $3,000)

Pay In Full:



Choose Your Desired Payment Option

and begin your career transformation!

Includes (1) bonus VIP private coaching session with LaTrice
6-month Payment Plan:



Here's the link to set up a payment plan

 You may also BOOK A CALL with LaTrice to discuss enrolling in the Fearless Branding Formula and make sure it's a great fit for you.

But will it work for me?

Yes, this will definitely work for you. We've helped Women of Color just like you:

  • From all countries (like Nigeria, Ireland, UK)
  • From all backgrounds
  • All Ages (24-64)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Who loves to travel and value freedom
  • Caregivers
  • Single moms
  • Married moms
  • Busy professionals
  • Rich aunty
  • Women who are already making or never made six-figures

And we've increased six-figure salaries in all industries too:

  • Government
  • Teachers/Education/Higher Ed
  • Healthcare, Nurses and Medical Professionals
  • Graphic Design
  • Lawyers & Attorneys
  • Human Resources
  • Retail, Sales, Marketing
  • Non-profit
  • Public Health 
  • Mental Health, Human Services
  • IT & Tech, Cyber Security
  • Start-ups
  • Finance, Accounting
  • Business Owners and many more


Ready to transform your career and life like them?

Risk-Free Transformation:
A Fearless Promise

Embark on your Fearless Branding Formula journey with complete confidence.

Our 90-day money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction, promising clarity and actionable steps towards a six-figure promotion and a salary increase of $20,000 - $50,000.

Join us fearlessly and transform your career today.


All your Questions answered Sis

When does FBF start?

You get immediate access to the career videos and bonus trainings. FBF’s coaching portion starts on Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 7pm EST. We meet via Zoom for is a 12-weeks every Thursday at 7pm EST.

What if I can’t make the calls?

Sis, I got you covered. You’ll still get coached by me inside the Slack community. Also, all group sessions are recorded and replays are available within 72 hours. You also get access to all of the curriculum that you can review at any time.

What if I’m already making six-figures?

Inside FBF you get well into the six-figures closer to $200K. When you join the Fearless Branding Formula we teach you an easy and simple way to increase your salary by $20K-$50K without burnout and still having time for your family and life.

What if it’s a tough job market right now; how does FBF help?

FBF equips you to navigate challenges with confidence, stand out in a competitive market, and secure opportunities in any job market. Our clients have landed six-figure promotions in down job markets, recessions and during a global pandemic.

Can FBF help me start my own business?

Yes, Fearless provides insights into entrepreneurial ventures, ensuring you launch your business successfully while maintaining career growth.

I don't have a degree; can FBF still benefit me?

FBF is inclusive; your skills and potential matter more than a degree. Discover your unique value and thrive in your career.

How does FBF address toxic workplaces and cultures?

FBF empowers you to identify, navigate, and overcome toxic environments, ensuring your success in a supportive and thriving workplace.

I’m Ready!!! How do I get started?

To get started, simply click the Enroll Now button and complete your payment. You will then get immediate access to the FBF career trainings and bonuses. You will learn the skill of personal branding and start the process to land your six-figure promotion. Enjoy!

It's your time to make six-figures through the Fearless Branding Formula Sis!

*Still got questions? Feel free to contact me at